– Bitcoin Promotional Coins

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These are promotional coins and are not loaded with Bitcoin.  For physical coins and bars loaded with Bitcoin see

-Coins have a gold-look to them while being inexpensive.

-Thick 10-gauge coin 39mm in size (see picture below next to a US quarter).  Gives Bitcoin some weight and substance.

-Side a is “Vires in Numeris” design while side b is the 1’s and 0’s design.  The old and the new.

-No advertising on the coin, just promotes Bitcoin.

-Each coin comes with a small plastic stand so it can sit on a shelf and a 5″ sticker.

$7.50 plus $1 shipping

coins   coins-qu

Each Coin comes with a 5 inch diameter sticker.  this removable vinyl and can be placed on cars or glass and removed easily.